The YOUKI-Labs offer the opportunity to be creative and spontaneous. They are stationed in the festival center at the Medien Kultur Haus.

Just come by and try.

Festival Film Lab

The festival film lab led by MORTITZ STIEBER strives to make a film during the festival week consisting of clips that the festival guests filmed. A short clip serves as the beginning of the story, from this point on, every participant can freely decide the further direction. Alas, the course of the film will remain a mystery until it is shown during the award ceremony on Friday. As the clips are simply filmed on phones, no prior knowledge in filmmaking is necessary - everyone who wants to participate will be able to. The final result shall serve as a celebration of interactive, unconstrained art and the joy contained therein.

The festival film will be presented during the award ceremony on Saturday, November 23rd.

YOUKI Collection

The merchandising department of YOUKI is working in an open workspace located directly in the festival centre. ANJA PICHLER and THERESIA MEINDL are creating sewed and printed objects with the YOUKI design and everyone is invited to participate. Screen printing offers an easy way of decorating fabric. It’s possible to design your own clothes or various fabrics provided by us. We’ll also be sewing bags out of old YOUKI posters or flags. Anja is happy to talk about everything concerning her craft! She’s open for special requests and everyone can try themselves at the sewing machine.