CATEGORY 10-14 Years | 700 Euro


Primary School, Grigor Vitez
Dokumentation, 5 min, CRO 2016

Jorum shows the day to day life in school of a refugee child by the same name, who came to Croatia from Uganda one year before this film was made. Jorum frequently compares his time at school in Croatia with that in his home, and often tells us of striking realisations.


Jorum is a young boy from Uganda who migrated to Croatia, where he now attends elementary school and makes new friends. Together they decide to make him the star of what evolves to be a smart and witty, light-footed and light-hearted short video documentary. The film tells and educates us about different school systems and how they can benefit from one other, about community and a welcoming society, and about curiosity for one another. All this is told entirely from the young student's point of view.

What really struck us as an audience and jury was the special twist that found its way into the film: Quickly it becomes clear that Jorum who was supposed to be the person portrayed by his classmates clearly has a say in how he wants to be portrayed in the film. He never hesitates to express his opinion, displaying an infectuous sense of humour. It is what makes this documentary all the more honest. A huge thank you to the film team for introducing us to Jorum.



Fiction, GER, 2016, 05:23


A werewolf's in town and he's invisible. The young actors, playing the scientists on the beast hunt, show a detailed and loving portrait of a scientific communtity in disaray. The filmmakers skillfully satirize their genre, their technical knowledge and skills are astonishing. Most mentionable, their exuberant joy of storytelling and acting takes any audience by storm. An honorable mention goes to the team of Footprints in Flour.


CATEGORY 15-20 Years | 1100 Euro


Katharina Maunz
Experimental, 4 min, AUT 2017

“Chaos, my most dreaded company”, proclaims a voice from the off. Yet it is precisely chaos that remains irreplaceable in sensations by Katharina Maunz. A wonderfully flowing cinematographic poem dedicated to it. One might think of a bombastic battle of images, and yet the scenes are calm, almost cautious, and subtly edited.


The trophy for filmmakers at ages between 15 and 20 goes to Katharina Maunz for "sensations". The jury was impressed by the intense interoperation of poetry, visual expression and acting. Within just 3 minutes and 42 seconds the stages of mutual attraction evolve on multiple layers within an other-worldly cosmos, disconnected from the measurable reality. In the acting of Selina Sophie Rudlof and Precious Chibonam an intimacy and tenderness unfolds, that touched the hearts of the audience and the jury.


CATEGORY 21-26 Jahre |1500 Euro


Ádám Freund, Ádám Fekete
Spielfilm, 15 min, HUN 2015

“You mustn’t fall asleep” – is precisely what turns out to be a problem for a young student. He was studying all night for his history exam, and was given a five, the best grade he could wish for. But he could not stay awake in school … and that turned out to be fatal.


We are rewarding an emotionally intelligent parable, that uses a compellingly original and symbolically formulated take on dealing with national political history. A politically depressed, educationally motivated boy is being sent away for rebelling against an outdated, disciplinary school system - by falling asleep. We are rewarding Ádám Freund’s „The Bloom of Youth“.

The Bloom of Youth



Sunil Pandey
Experimental, 15 min, NPL 2016

A grandmother goes on an everlasting journey over the broad river and is accompanied to the shores by her young family. Ananta Yatra gives the topic of the film a great deal of room to express itself, thereby creating a dignified frame of observation.

The winner of the innovative film award shows us filmmaking isn't just a visual experience on a white screen. The core of an innovative film takes place in our head and transforms a passive crowd into an active audience. The award winner portrays one of the strongest female protagonists we've seen on this festival, embraces tradition and spirituality, but at the same time it's radical and grounded. With his silencing camerawork and thoughtful soundtrack it has the capacity to reflect and ask questions about life, to transcend cultural boundaries into a universal story. The innovative film award of youki 2017 goes to: Ananta Yatra / The eternal Journey of Sunil Pandey

Ananta Yatra


> U N T E R T O T E N <

Spielfilm, 16 min, Ö 2016
Regie: Eric Weglehner

The relationship between Julia and her father is tense. He tries to convince her that alcohol can be very dangerous, and that she has to take care. She is convinced that she has everything under control. When they meet in a café to try and remedy the situation, things only get worse. The next day her father realizes that he was right to worry.



> Fucking Killas On Speed Dial <

Augusto Aabo
Spielfilm, 17 min, DNK 2017

An unconventional cinematographic depiction of the fascination young Jakob has for Rakel, a girl in his neighbourhood. However Rakel is in a relationship with Jakob’s arch rival. Can Jakob convince Rakel of his qualities?

Fucking lejemordere i telefonbogen (Fucking killas on speed dial)