Trigger Warning Guide

The YOUKI programming team developed this guide as a tool that provides information of potentially distressing imagery or description that may cause a negative emotional response for any member of our audience.

So we provide the following list which marks potential triggers for the whole competition programme. You can find informatione about violence, self-harm, blood, depictions of mental health issues, suicide, panic, strobo/very quick changing images, war, hard drug abuse, bullying, rape/non-consensual sex.

What are Trigger Warnings? According to Wikipedia, a “trigger warning is a message presented to an audience about the contents of a piece of media, to warn them that it contains potentially distressing content”. In that way trigger warnings ensure that people are not confronted with topics or imagery that may render them unable to focus and/or severely affect their state of mind.

Films sorted by programmes:

Competition Programme 1

Shower Boys: Bullying (visually shown)

Competition Programme 2

Playtime: Strobo/Very quick changing images

When we pretend (we die): Bullying (visually shown)

Love under fire: Sport shooting

Sound Lab: Strobo/Very quick changing images

Competition Programme 3

Confusion: Rape (non-consensual sex, visually shown)

Before We Collide: Strobo/Very quick changing images

An Ocean: Rape, depictions of mental health issues (trauma, child abuse: talked about, described)

Competition Programme 4

Water my plants: Suicide, depictions of mental health issues (talked about, implied)

Competition Programme 5

Line 0: Strobo/Very quick changing images

Lab N66: Strobo/Very quick changing images

Otava: Death of a relative (implied)

Competition Programme 6

Hello, my name is Masha.: Violence (news images of catastrophes, war)

Symptom: Strobo/Very quick changing images

Competition Programme 7

Lip: Suicide, depictions of mental health issues (talked about)

Ju-Bin: Panic (visually shown), rape (implied)

The Tragedy of Queen Hortense: Blood

Competition Programme 8

The Purple Child: Depiction of mental health issues

Competition Programme 9

Ten Bucks More: Death (Dead bodies visually shown), panic (visually shown)

Down Seafaring Way: Death of a relative (implied)

Jamal: Death of a relative (implied)

Competition Programme 10

Bill, Bill und Bill: Violence, blood (visually shown in a splatter way)

Gay Teen Werewolf: Blood, bullying (visually shown)

The Nightmare on Broad Street: Violence, panic (visually shown; horror, jumpscares)