CATEGORY 13 - 17 Years | 700 Euro

> A boy with a movie camera <

Amir Hossein Tabbat
Fiction, 09:32 min, Iran 2019

A Boy With a Movie Camera follows the protagonist Ayoub who wants to fulfill his dream of becoming a director. He doesn’t have enough money for a real camera though and is forced to play make-believe with a cardboard camera. Ayoub’s dream seems destined to fail even though the local technology merchant tries to help.

A Boy With a Movie Camera by Amir Hossein Tabbat

CATEGORY 18 - 22 years | 1100 Euro

> My World, Your World <

Zoe Borzi
Documentary, 19:15 min, Austria 2019

In her documentary, the young filmmaker ZOE BORZI gives an insight into four completely different lifestyles. A farmer, a monk, an activist and a drag queen talk about their daily life and how each of them is confronted with pre-conceptions. A short reminder of the diversity in Austria and also the lack of tolerance for it.

My World, Your World by Zoe Borzi

CATEGORY 23 - 27 years | 1500 Euro

> Indimenticabile <

Gianluca Santoni
Fiction, 19:54 min, Italy 2019

Indimenticabile tells the story of Luna and her 18th birthday. With a sensitivity and empathy that is beyond impressive, a love story around disability, family and coming of age unfolds and you don’t want it to stop. This lm proves once again that everybody’s story should be told, heard and looked at and never pushed to the corners of society. Because they’re just so beautiful.

Indimenticabile by Gianluca Santoni

Innovative Film Award | 900 Euro

> Sudden Growth <

Sine Juhl
Animation, 05:23 min, Denmark 2018

It all starts out as an idyllic childhood. Then bodies start changing, limbs are growing rapidly and hairs are turning up in the most unexpected places. For some it happens early while others are left behind. This stop-motion animated short film tells the story of going through puberty in a humoristic and honest way.

Sudden Growth by Sine Juhl

Audience Award | 500 Euro

> Her Name Was <

Helena Dalemans
Fiction, 18:03 min, Belgium 2018

Created as an ode to the lmmaker’s grand- mother, Her name was depicts the sombre everyday life of protagonist Ida in a retirement home. Ida is visibly struggling with the loss of her autonomy, seeing her life mostly controlled by others. When new arrival Jef moves in, her routine suddenly gets stirred up by him.

Her Name Was by Helena Dalemans

Local Artist Award | non-monetary

> Lukewarm <

Lisa Maria Bickel
Fiction, 16:03 min, Austria 2019

Running around, driving around, skating around, pushing around the mobile kiosk where she sells drinks with a friend: Luca is always on her way somewhere, but she hasn't yet been able to identify a personal goal in the wealth of options that life has to offer. But it is unspeakably hot anyway, time is passing, nothing is happening. Disoriented like a deer in bright light, Luca drifts through the summer and takes a trip to herself.

Lukewarm by Lisa Maria Bickel