YOUKI 2020 is sadly over...

Six days ago YOUKI 2020 started and the last six days have really gone by way too fast. Since it was the first online festival we have ever done we didn’t know what to expect but now it turns out that we can be proud.

Nearly everything that makes YOUKI “YOUKI” was made possible. During the last week there were workshops with participants from all over the world, we reached school classes in their home schooling, there were wonderful programmes with people from far away, some live, some lovingly produced in a matter of days; we created virtual spaces to converse in and amazing nightline sessions.

Thank you to all the supporters, filmmakers, the best YOUKI-team and you that made this years YOUKI happen!

Thank you for joining us and see you next year!

But if you missed our programmes you can still rewatch some of them here.

The Winners are....

MAIN AWARD in the age category 23 - 27 years

Endless Love von Duda Gambogi
Documentary, 20min, BRA 2020, Portuguese OVEs

"This film plays with the raw and imperfect in a very open and honest way that made an impression on us. We experience life-affirming, deep and intense feelings of the protagonists through the images that someone created for cinema. This someone is a team we are able to watch in the middle of their passion: filmmaking. The images of the sparkling lively karaoke bar, a man whistling while jogging in the park, mounted on a skyscraper or the hall of a dance school, where the passionate dance teacher is watching those lately recorded videos of the last dance lesson on her smartphone. With flight-like pictures of a ski jumper and a parrot that turns benevolently to us, these mockumentary-like created pictures from Rio de Janeiro take us back to our everyday life. After watching you would like to make a mixtape from the soundtrack so that you can hear it again the next time on your way to the supermarket. With thanks and admiration for the landscapes that appear in the interludes of this film, the YOUKI Award in the age category 23 - 27 goes to Duda Gambogi and her team for "Endless Love"." - Statement of the jury

MAIN AWARD in the age category 18 - 22 years

Why Is Mom Always Crying? von Karmen Obrdalj
Experimental, 16min, BIH 2019, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian OVEs

" The film takes us on a journey through the sites of Ena’s childhood during the Bosnian war. Accompanied by her parents’ love letters, she traces the memories of a separation. Karmen Obrdalj has composed a lyrical tale made up of intimate observations. In recalling childhood, she candidly details the sensations, smells and tastes that tend to linger in memory, and weaves them together with written testimonies of love and trauma. Her evocative, almost dreamlike, images are emptied of people, yet we start understanding that in turn, they are images crowded with a sense of longing. We were impressed by this young cinematic voice and remain intrigued for where it will take us in the future. The YOUKI Award in the age category 18 to 22 goes to Karmen Obrdalj and her filmteam for Why is Mom always crying?" - Statement of the jury

MAIN AWARD in the age category 13 - 17 years

Got Lucky! von Jugendfilm e.V. & UTE e.V.
Fiction, 7min, DEU 2020, German OVEs

"After the death of the wealthy Lea Hartmann, her nephew unexpectedly inherits a unicorn. But also Inspector Bernhard has an eye on this magic animal and wants to get it into his possession under all circumstances. From now on, a fast-paced crime thriller develops, which offers many exciting moments and amusing dialogues besides a grandiosely staged shoot-out. We would like to especially emphasize the performance of all the actors who have cast a spell on us from the very beginning. With simple means and a lot of heart, a life-affirming short film was created, which reminded us in many moments of the humor of Helge Schneider or Christoph Schlingensief. The jury is looking forward to further episodes!" - Statement of the jury

Innovative Film Award

Around Copacabana von Leonardo Martinelli
Experimental, 18min, BRA 2020, Portuguese OVEs

"A film like a crossing trip through the political circumstances and troubles of Brazil today. Weaving together different forms of genres and aesthetics, the film discusses in a radical way how forms of discriminations and repressions interfere with the daily life of different groups and minorities. There is always a new enemy. In the past it was the communists, now it is LGBT Groups. Beyond this, the film is a reflection on new political orders itself and how these changes have a major impact on discourse and life in a country. With a precise montage of sound, image and voice over, the filmmaker leads us through a history of propaganda and violence and shows how oppressions and political methods linger from the past to present. The award for the best Innovative Film goes to: Around Copacabana by Leonardo Martinelli." - Statement of the jury

Austrian Award presented by KINO VOD CLUB

Bussi, Baba von Bahare Ruch
Experimental, 8min, AUT/DNK 2020, German OVEs

"Eine junge Frau in einem Zimmer, Fotos an der Wand, angeordnet zu einer Familiengeschichte. Ein Brief an ihren Vater, als Projektion hinter ihr. Bussi, Baba überzeugt mit seiner persönlichen Erzählform und baut mittels unkonventioneller visueller Sprache viel Emotion auf. Der Film nimmt sich Zeit, seine Geschichte zu erzählen, und überrascht mit einem Perspektivwechsel, der einen Dialog zwischen der Protagonistin und ihrem Vater öffnet. Wir verleihen den Austrian Award an Bussi, Baba von Bahare Ruch." - Statement of the jury

Watch all the winning films till DEZ 13th @KINO VOD CLUB.

And all the side programmes and nightline sessions are avilable >>> here!